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AWD listened to the demand on today's market: Quality products for Reasonalble prices.

In close co-operation with certified suppliers,  the AWD product-range has been enlarged with
AWD Cabin Air Filters.

Our range is covering a majority of the cars present on the market.
Attractive retail packaging and easy numbering system makes it easy to sell
the product to your customers.
And for all AWD products accounts that the quality fulfills the strict quality demands


The air within the confined environment of a vehicle can sometimes magnify the effect of allergies and vehicle manufacturers address this by including cabin filters in vehicle design. The air in urban areas contain a large amount of dust, soot, pollen and other particles that can irritate, cause allergies or contribute to poor air quality inside the vehicle.

Our cabin filters are designed to keep the internal environment as clean as possible by providing optimum filtration to minimize pollutants. In fact, our filters remove virtually all pollen and other particles to make sure the air in your cabin environment is at its highest quality. We offer a wide range of products, for specific purposes including gas activated charcoal filter media.

Product Features :

  • Gas activated filter media
  • Optimum filtration for the best cabin atmosphere
  • Protection against pollen and other pollutants