"Buying OEM parts is paying too much"
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BILA BV is offering the following Products:

AWD Wiper Blades:   Flatblades  -  Standard Blades  - Rear Blades


The best "Value for Money" programm in the market today.
A wide range of Universal Wiper-blades, guaranteed by BILA BV The Netherlands.

Now available on the European Market.

AWD Cabin Air Filters

AWD Brake Pads & Discs

AC Delco Lamps:  12V and 24V


BILA BV selected the AC Delco Lamps as the best deal for our customers...
AC Delco is offering a wide range of products for almost every car and truck. The products
fit in the AWD strategy: Good Quality products for Reasonable prices.
ACDelco is originating from GM and is one of the leading parts suppliers in the USA.
Now also available for the BILA customers