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About Cees van Duin
About Cees van Duin

"I have worked in several Senior Positions in the Independent Aftermarket and obtained a lot of experience in the business.
As manager of the DENSO Aftermarket section I have developed the Russian and East European markets from almost nothing to one of the most important areas for the company.
As General Manager of SOGEFI I have established a lot of new customers in the area and I have doubled the sales  to the big ITG members in a few years time.
During the years I had been able to make a solid network of customers and agents which are now following the BILA activities.

I have managed the business with the big European Trading Groups (AD, ATR, GAU, TEMOT) and can be considered as an 'insider' in the business.

I have found an excellent certified suppliers base  and in close co-operation we have been able to introduce products which are demanded by your markets. Value for Money = AWD -guaranteed by BILA- .